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Impact Services

Are you on a journey for growth and self-development?

Are you feeling overwhelmed?

Having difficulty finding time for you and your family?

Are you enJOYing the journey?

I can help.

Who I Support:
I am drawn to women entrepreneurs or women in leadership roles working in "For Impact" organizations. 

Impact Services: Text

Impact Services

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1. Speaking Opportunities

I love to share my journey and inspire others through speaking opportunities. Please reach out if you need a keynote or guest speaker at your next event.

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2. Female Leadership Transformation

Increase your impact as a leader in your organization and your life. Gain clarity, focus and traction by going on your own transformational journey with my support.

Together, we’ll go on a 12-week accelerator program with GIFEW (Global Institute for Evolving Women), This includes mentoring sessions and my support to achieve your personal goals.

Funding may be available from the Canada Alberta Job Grant, contact me for more information.

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3. Impact Circle - Peer Mentorship Group

Find connection and support with other incredible women leaders through a peer mentorship program, facilitated by me. The group will build each other up, hold each other accountable and collaborate to achieve personal and professional outcomes.

Contact me for information about our next intake. 

Impact Services: List
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