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Michelle is a force. Her sheer determination to do something when there wasn't a service available created a much-needed organization for those with disabilities. Before I met or even heard about Michelle Hordal, I knew a bit about AdaptAbilities. They had opened a large space on Whyte Ave, and when I looked into who they were, it was stunning to see how young an organization it is and how quickly they had built their presence. I had always assumed they were tiny and had been around since the 1960's. 

I got linked to Michelle through a mutual contact and found out Michelle began it all very humbly and with a full heart in her basement in 2004.  It is incredibly impressive that she built what is today a $6M-$7M+ organization, attracting a team of dedicated people who share in her vision with no prior non-profit experience. 

It is practically unheard of to build what Michelle has in such a short span of time. I've never seen anything like it in my 16 years in the field.

AdaptAbilities operates a few sites, has strong financials and a solid service delivery model, a mature marketing and fund development program, and a great community reputation. Michelle made all of this happen even though she didn't have all the answers--she figured it out along the way, learned from setbacks, and never wavered throughout those years to build what is now a leading organization in the disability sector. She is a very rare breed of entrepreneur in the non-profit space and a real visionary.

Rob Fragoso (he/him), B.A. (Hons), CFRE  

Executive Director 

Community Options – A Society for Children and Families

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